Saturday, September 19, 2009

MS Short story ~ Tears Official Ending

Hey guys! As most of you may have already know, I posted my special short story 'Tears'. If you think its confusing, the explanation is in the descriptions. ^^

Anyway, I'm very happy that you guys even comment it. I thought it was very bad and was THIS CLOSE to stop making it xD.

Many of you voted and requested an official ending, I'm stuck myself, wondering which ending is more memorable, unique and suitable. Of course, my own answer is E) Etc etc etc... which means its neither A B C or D. At first, I was gonna make A the ending before I complete this video, but I thought it was boring so I let YOU GUYS to decide. I wasn't planning on making an official ending because I didn't want to disappoint the ones who voted the story to end differently. HOWEVER, due to MANY requests, I'm gonna make an official ending.

BUT, bare this in mind, it wouldn't be what EVERYONE hoped, so don't complain since the story's actually based on my 'love' life and I'm waiting for an ending.

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