Monday, February 2, 2015

New Video Finally Up!

Hi Guys, after being M.I.A for, like, a year or two (...Oops...) I've decided to continue making YouTube videos as much as I can.

Reasons to my disappearance, is because of some thing called "my life". 2014 alone has so much going on that I couldn't even pause it. Seriously!

I've had my graduation exhibition on 2014, which includes us (10 of us students in my class to be exact!) to actually plan, conceptualize and build up (yes, like literally) our whole exhibition. And after that I got an internship as an Interior designer at Singapore. Yes, flying to another country to work and live away from my friends and family for the first time in my entire existence, scary! And of course, after my internship, I finally graduated from college! But still continue my employment at the same company because there's still so much to learn! And if designing and handling my own residential client is not enough, let's not forget about my social life, which is hectic, and eventually introverted me after that whole experience.

In conclusion, 'Life', ladies and gentlemen.

Skip all that, and we have today! Finally finished a short animation completely handrawn prior to my previous animations which uses Maple Story characters. As you all know, life gets in the way and maturity is unavoidable, and as well as my lack of sense of humor. I want to show everyone that I've grown, I've learnt new tricks, and I finally know what I want.


Have that friend with an annoying habit? Do share on the comment box about your annoying friend habits and I will pick some out to animate and feature on my YouTube channel and my blog!

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C. LeaH

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