Friday, September 25, 2009

Tear's Official Ending

The making of Tear's official ending is almost done. But a word before I upload it on Youtube...

The ending is up to me to decide, so please don't complain about it if you don't like the ending.

As I've mentioned in the description, the story of 'Tears' is based on my personal feelings. It is not what had happened to me but it is loosely based on what I've been going through.

Oscar represents someone special to me. Ryu represents a close friend. And the whole incident of Ryu kissing another girl and the motor accident represents me being heartbroken.

I didn't put in an ending because since it is loosely based on what I've been going through and there's no ending to what I'm still going through, I figure I should let you guys imagine the ending yourself, but after many requests for an ending, I made an Official ending.

BUT, the ending has NOTHING to do with what I'm going through anymore, because if I did base the ending on what's going on, the ending would have SUCKED! And I myself am not a fan of tragic love stories.

Unlike 'Tears', my crush didn't ignore me, but turned cold towards me. It hurts like hell and I cried every night.

And in Tears, Kendra meeting and falling for Ryu and getting over Oscar actually represents me having a nice conversation with a friend of mine and getting over my crush. But unlike Tears, things between me and my crush has already been settled and we started talking again BEFORE I had that conversation with that friend of mine and getting over my crush.

But I wont blab about my so-call 'love life' because if any of them sees this, I'm SO DEAD! hahaha! But whatever, this IS a blog! lol


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