Saturday, September 5, 2009

F&D Updates

Fate and Destiny is 40% done. There will be new characters, and some humour too.

I'll try to finish it by tomorrow.

Wasnt really in a good mood today so I couldnt make it faster.

If its not done by tomorrow, then maybe by Monday cause its a 1 day school holiday in my country. Hope you guys will love it, since I make everything up as I go.

Wanna know more about Fate and Destiny?

Here's a few explanations.

  1. Vlade and Vannie are NOT related. They were both adopted and both of them are the same age, which is 21, but somehow Vannie's evolution came faster and she was already at her highest level hence Vlade is still at his lowest.
  2. Despite Vannie's bossy attitude towards Vlade, she actually cares deeply for him, which he never noticed at all.
  3. Vannie, Vlade, White and their kind are demons, but to many, they are Vampires because of their thirst for blood and bat-like wings, which are actually dragon wings.
  4. Demons can shape-shift into Dragons or humans, they could decide whether to hide their wings or not, but since its easier and faster for them to escape by flying away, they prefer to not hide it.
  5. There are other creatures like them which haven't appeared in Fate and Destiny yet.
  6. White is named 'White' because of her pale skin and when she transform, her dragon form is grey, which is rare for Demons.

That's all I'm giving out for this time! Stay tune for Kiss Her's Facts!

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