Sunday, April 28, 2013

UPDATE! April 29 2013

Say U Love Me Season 3 is almost done!! But for now, let me tell you about the programs I use to create this video...

As you guys already know, or don't know if you didn't read this blog, I've forgotten most of my video editing skills since I was a PC user but switched to Mac after my PC broke down... But now I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!! My first ever laptop, since the old one was a shared family computer... This laptop come with windows 8 and until now, I'm 80% satisfy with it. Why? Because it's so much faster on the start up, it looks cool and it's NEW... But the 20% I'm not happy with is that a lot of things have changed and you'll have to click a few things to get to the place you want whilst in windows 7 you can do it right away... And I'm a big fan of the Start button so it's kinda sad that it's not there anymore in Windows 8....

Anyways! Back to Say U Love Me Season 3! Since I got my new PC, I could now re-use Sony Vegas. However, I wanted to relearn and expand my animation abilities so that I could let my characters have more actions. So I started learning Adobe Flash by watching Spritefan2's Animation tutorials. I also picked up Adobe Premiere Pro but I'm not a big fan. I also started using Adobe Audition for editing some of the sound effects. I'm quite happy with the animation this time because there are more 'actions.' But DON'T expect me to be God because I'm still human!

Here's a peak at what I did:

So, I'm an Interior Design student, making MapleStory Love Series on YouTube, using some of Adobe's products and Sony Vegas... Does that picture make any sense? So readers, if I have any, please understand that I'm not getting paid to do this and you can't expect me to be free all the time to make videos, if I am getting paid then I'd love to continue making videos.

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Kisses~! Peace out!


Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey guys! Guess what? CLSEE93 is back!! Well... at least I'm planning to continue my series. After disappearing for almost 3 years, I finally had the guts to continue my series. Yea... guts...

Anyway, if you're interested in knowing what I've been up to for this 3 years, then continue reading. If not, then stop reading.

What have I been up to?

 Long story short, I've completed high school with an average grade. Had my driver's license. Found the love of my life~ Finally know what a serious relationship is like. And entered college majoring in Interior Design. I have been busy with my assignments since entering college and also with my love life and friendships. I've learnt a lot since my last video and my english grammer had improved! (Improved, not perfected. I still have much to learn!) I would love it if I could make a new video featuring how I met the love of my life~ We've been together for 2 years~ Unfortunately, my windows PC is already broken, and I have been using Mac now. So all my maple series effects and musics, and I mean ALL, is G-O-N-E, GONE!!! Plus, my video editing skills has UN-improved. Meaning I have to relearn all of the tricks and techniques! Not to mention Mac only has iMovie and Final Cut Pro... I have to relearn how to use it from scratch since I was a PC user and used mainly Sony Vegas. So be VERY patient with me, I know you all are~ ^_^

 Anyways, if there's any questions, feel comment or pm me through YouTube~ Love you all~ Bye~