Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Video!! Maple Series Say U Love Me CONTINUING!

Hi guys, here's a sneak peak of the making of my Annoying Friend Habits series!
Behind the Scenes!
If you're curious of what programs I'm using, here's a list :D

Sony Vegas Pro 13 (For video editing)
Adobe Flash (For Animating)
Adobe Photoshop (For editing the graphics)
Audacity (For voice recordings)

Basically I use very simple methods that almost anyone who has a passion for video editing will know!

Now, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I have decided that it's time to reveal what most of my subscribers have been requesting.... WHEN IS SAY U LOVE ME SEASON 3 PART 2 COMING OUT????

I guess after being absent for so long many have already assume that I've quit making my series.

Well, to answer all your questions, YES. I'll be continuing Say U Love Me Season 3.

Even though most of the fans who subscribed to me might be gone now, (many love and kisses to my loyal subscribers who are still with me today) I'm eager to continue Say U Love Me just for the sake of my passion for creating love stories. I hope this is good news to all of my fans and do support me by commenting and sharing the video =D

C. LeaH

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