Saturday, September 26, 2009


My short story Tears is DONE!

Written, produces, directed, created, animated by Clsee93

The naming of the characters are from my friend Indigo

Hope you'll like the ending. Comments to let me know! ^^

The starting

The official ending

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tear's Official Ending

The making of Tear's official ending is almost done. But a word before I upload it on Youtube...

The ending is up to me to decide, so please don't complain about it if you don't like the ending.

As I've mentioned in the description, the story of 'Tears' is based on my personal feelings. It is not what had happened to me but it is loosely based on what I've been going through.

Oscar represents someone special to me. Ryu represents a close friend. And the whole incident of Ryu kissing another girl and the motor accident represents me being heartbroken.

I didn't put in an ending because since it is loosely based on what I've been going through and there's no ending to what I'm still going through, I figure I should let you guys imagine the ending yourself, but after many requests for an ending, I made an Official ending.

BUT, the ending has NOTHING to do with what I'm going through anymore, because if I did base the ending on what's going on, the ending would have SUCKED! And I myself am not a fan of tragic love stories.

Unlike 'Tears', my crush didn't ignore me, but turned cold towards me. It hurts like hell and I cried every night.

And in Tears, Kendra meeting and falling for Ryu and getting over Oscar actually represents me having a nice conversation with a friend of mine and getting over my crush. But unlike Tears, things between me and my crush has already been settled and we started talking again BEFORE I had that conversation with that friend of mine and getting over my crush.

But I wont blab about my so-call 'love life' because if any of them sees this, I'm SO DEAD! hahaha! But whatever, this IS a blog! lol


Sunday, September 20, 2009

H2C's Road to Fane

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

MS Short story ~ Tears Official Ending

Hey guys! As most of you may have already know, I posted my special short story 'Tears'. If you think its confusing, the explanation is in the descriptions. ^^

Anyway, I'm very happy that you guys even comment it. I thought it was very bad and was THIS CLOSE to stop making it xD.

Many of you voted and requested an official ending, I'm stuck myself, wondering which ending is more memorable, unique and suitable. Of course, my own answer is E) Etc etc etc... which means its neither A B C or D. At first, I was gonna make A the ending before I complete this video, but I thought it was boring so I let YOU GUYS to decide. I wasn't planning on making an official ending because I didn't want to disappoint the ones who voted the story to end differently. HOWEVER, due to MANY requests, I'm gonna make an official ending.

BUT, bare this in mind, it wouldn't be what EVERYONE hoped, so don't complain since the story's actually based on my 'love' life and I'm waiting for an ending.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I finished making the short story. Will upload it sometime today.

Currently Rendering it.

It might be confusing but I'll explain it in the description.

My PC getting more and more crowded, and its slowing down. Sigh*

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm half way done with my short story. I used new techniques taught by xPwahaha's amazing tutorials! But too bad that not ALL of the tools from Sony Vegas 8 is available on Vegas Platinum 9.0 T_T

Thanks a bunch to my two friends, Imyurin and JY who listened, commented, and suggested some additions to my story. -applause-

And another 'thank you' to Indigo, who helped me think of names and made me laugh a hell lot in the progress xD, and yes, she's the Indigo who is voice acting as 'Indigo' from H2C's Road to Fame. She's such a sweet heart xP

And please check H2C out cause I'm 'C' in 'H2C' and I animate RTF and write the story along with my friends Hikari and Hitachii. So I got a HELL lot of projects in my hand and including my school's projects, which I haven't done...xD

Not to mention I only get to use the PC for 3 times a week... you guys should know that already, right?

And my SPM exams (which is VERY IMPORTANT in my country) is only 1 year away, I have to start studying even if I don't want to. I wanna get into a college I want so I have to work hard, which means I have to take some of my computer time to do some studying.

But I WILL Continue my series and I WONT abandone my works.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So did you guys like Part 4 of Fate and Destiny? I was frustrated by the laggy-ness.

Anyway, I'm planning on making a short tragic love story, whadde ya think? Its an inspiration of what happened to me recently but of course my own love story ain't a happy one too xD

Stay tune for Kiss Her Part 5!

muaks! ; )

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fate and Destiny Part 4 will be up on youtube TODAY!

I just finished making the whole part 4 of Fate and Destiny. I'm currently waiting for it to render.

Here's a note before you watch it,

Its VERY lag... I tried using another technique but since my PC is very slow, due to memory shortage, so prepare yourselves.

There's a lot of mistakes...

It might be a bit boring...

So you've been warned. Please don't complain. Remember to comment and rate it. ^^

It should be posted by some time today. Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

F&D Updates

Fate and Destiny is 40% done. There will be new characters, and some humour too.

I'll try to finish it by tomorrow.

Wasnt really in a good mood today so I couldnt make it faster.

If its not done by tomorrow, then maybe by Monday cause its a 1 day school holiday in my country. Hope you guys will love it, since I make everything up as I go.

Wanna know more about Fate and Destiny?

Here's a few explanations.

  1. Vlade and Vannie are NOT related. They were both adopted and both of them are the same age, which is 21, but somehow Vannie's evolution came faster and she was already at her highest level hence Vlade is still at his lowest.
  2. Despite Vannie's bossy attitude towards Vlade, she actually cares deeply for him, which he never noticed at all.
  3. Vannie, Vlade, White and their kind are demons, but to many, they are Vampires because of their thirst for blood and bat-like wings, which are actually dragon wings.
  4. Demons can shape-shift into Dragons or humans, they could decide whether to hide their wings or not, but since its easier and faster for them to escape by flying away, they prefer to not hide it.
  5. There are other creatures like them which haven't appeared in Fate and Destiny yet.
  6. White is named 'White' because of her pale skin and when she transform, her dragon form is grey, which is rare for Demons.

That's all I'm giving out for this time! Stay tune for Kiss Her's Facts!

Remember to leave a comment in the chatbox! ^^

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dramatic xD

Tomorrow is my school's Librarian's Anniversary Party, and as a fellow librarian myself, I have to go. And as seniors, me and some friends of mine has prepared a drama for the anniversary. Its based on the Chinese legendary fiction 'Journey to the West'. But it has a major humour twist in it. Its SO cool, yet, embarrassing to act at the same time xD.

For one thing, I have to act sexy, bitchy and evil... which is NOTHING like myself... haha.

We've prepared the last minute drama in less than a week and I can say I don't regret it. I had a lot of fun with my friends and even got over my tried-so-hard-to-get-over crush on someone, with the help of another good friend lol.

These memories will stay with me for a very long time and I hope this happiness wouldn't end.

After the celebration, I'm going to work on with Fate and Destiny part 4, no guarantees, and I hope I could finish it by Sunday, also no guarantees. xD

But stay tune!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Since A LOT of you have been asking when is Say U Love Me or Fate and Destiny's gonna come out, here's there answer:

I don't know yet. That's cause my social life has been so messed up lately that there's no time at all for me to update anything T_T. I wasn't allowed to use my PC during weekdays so weekends the only free time I have. But I have activities on weekends too so it'll take a LITTLE more longer. I'm trying my best to finish it ASAP.

I hope you guys will understand, I couldn't resist letting go of my series so I have to take longer time to finish it.

Thank you guys for your patience. I would really appreciate it :)