Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update December 21 2009

Hey guys, I'm feeling sick nowadays but Fate and Destiny Part 6 will be out soon. And a lot of you have been asking when Say U Love Me season 3 will be out. Well, here's my answer:
When I'm done making it. Bare with me for a while, I still need more inspiration so I haven't started making it at all. But it WILL be out.

I've been having family problems nowadays so I feel stressed. And it helps A LOT if you guys would be patient because I'm really not feeling well and my parent's aren't home to take me to see the doctor.

Plus, I'm getting my drivings license soon! xD

And Christmas is near, be prepared for a Clsee93's Christmas MMV Special. It's short though... I hope everyone gets what they want for Chistmas because I know I won't get anything cause' we don't really celebrate Christmas in my country. But All I want for Christmas is -coughs- a -coughs- boyfriend~ xD. (That must be the fever speaking ^^)

Fate and Destiny part 6 is currently being rendered. It took me 2 days to complete the animation and 1 whole day to render it. It is 7 minutes long and contains my first fighting scene, but its a short one xP.

An early Merry Christmas to everyone!

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