Thursday, December 10, 2009

Voice-Acting for Say U Love Me S3?!

The decision is up to you whether Say U Love Me S3 has voice-acting or not.

After the first ever Maple story movie with voice acting by CeraRain, I find series without voice-acting kinda boring. And more and more series with voice-acting seemed to be on it's way.

Plus, a story WITH voice-acting AND a great storyline seemed to get more views, and I should know, I've watched plenty of maple video's enough to know what's good and how I should improve it. And this includes, pro video editing skills, great storyline, comedy, and loads of creativity etc... And with great voice acting, it'll be even better.

So I feel that Say U Love Me S3 needs to be fresh or people will find it too long and boring without something fresh and attracting.

On the other hand, a great maple series with voice acting needs the cooperation of the voice-actors. You can't start making an episode without the voice recordings because you need to animate the lip movements. I doubt any of us likes a great story with lame voice-acting, so if you're the director, you'll definitely demand perfection, and that means wanting the voice-actors to re-do the scenes until you feel that it is perfect. But if he/she does not cooperate, then the series might take a longer time to come out, and thus, causing fans to be impatient.

So please decide as I am in a dilemma, I only wish to entertain you with my stories as this will help me grow my confidence because it shows that what I do is worth your time and worth my effort and time to improve it. Leave a comment to tell me what you think.

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