Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm half way done with my short story. I used new techniques taught by xPwahaha's amazing tutorials! But too bad that not ALL of the tools from Sony Vegas 8 is available on Vegas Platinum 9.0 T_T

Thanks a bunch to my two friends, Imyurin and JY who listened, commented, and suggested some additions to my story. -applause-

And another 'thank you' to Indigo, who helped me think of names and made me laugh a hell lot in the progress xD, and yes, she's the Indigo who is voice acting as 'Indigo' from H2C's Road to Fame. She's such a sweet heart xP

And please check H2C out cause I'm 'C' in 'H2C' and I animate RTF and write the story along with my friends Hikari and Hitachii. So I got a HELL lot of projects in my hand and including my school's projects, which I haven't done...xD

Not to mention I only get to use the PC for 3 times a week... you guys should know that already, right?

And my SPM exams (which is VERY IMPORTANT in my country) is only 1 year away, I have to start studying even if I don't want to. I wanna get into a college I want so I have to work hard, which means I have to take some of my computer time to do some studying.

But I WILL Continue my series and I WONT abandone my works.

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