Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was re-watching CeraRain's Love and War, I've re-watched it like, probably a million times already! xD Anyway, suddenly I was inspired! I have the urge to make another series! But of course I'm not saying I'm copying CeraRain, what I'm saying is, when I was watching Love and War, it got me thinking about pirates and stuff like that, since a few years ago I wrote a story about pirates stuff but at that time all I did was wrote it in a piece of paper. And then it hit me! Inspirations flowing in and I HAD to make it!

BUT, I've already had 3 series in making, Kiss Her, Fate and Destiny and H2C's Road to Fame. So I don't think I'll be releasing any new series for the time being, but if I couldn't resist, I'll just animate it but not post it on youtube until I finish one of my series, and it might take a long while... since Say U Love Me's gonna have a season 3. xD

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