Monday, May 16, 2011

Fate & Destiny Final

Hey Guys! C LeaH here! As you all may know, I've posted the final part of Fate & Destiny recently. Ok I admit I got bored of making the series and wanted to end it fast as College is starting and my PC has loads of awful problems...

If you all already watched all parts of Fate and Destiny, including the final part, then you may proceed to continue reading this ^^ If not, then go watch it first!

So I take it you've watched it right? Anyways, there is no real ending to this story as all of you hoped the ending would be your way, which is:
1) Vlade end up falling for Hayley and they ended up together. Or
2) Vlade end up falling for Vannie and they ended up together. And so on...

So I stopped at the part where Hayley returns with her dad, Dominic, but still has a huge crush on Vlade and hoped to keep in touch with him WHILST Vannie finally admits her feelings for Vlade and had a make-over, having Vlade said she 'looks cute'.

So the ending depends on you. But if you ask me, MY real ending would be Vlade ending up with Vannie and turn Vannie's soft side on...

So, See ya guys~! Next video would be Fragile Kiss Part 2! Stay Tuned but be patient! Love you all! =D

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